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Katherine Maclean is a cognitive psychologist with a PhD from UC Davis, and has been a postdoctoral research fellow and faculty member at Johns Hopkins University where she has conducted numerous studies with using psychedelics as medicine.

Published research


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Sara Gael - The Zendo Project

Sara Gael is the Harm Reduction Training and Education Coordinator for MAPS and a transpersonal psychotherapist at Naropa University in Boulder. The Zendo Project brings psychedelic education and harm reduction to festivals around the globe.
The Zendo Project

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Ashley Booth

Ashley Booth is a psychedelic ambassador and the founder of the Aware Project. Go to for events, news, media, and information about how to get involved and how to spread the word about the future of healing. 

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StandUp911 (Ryan) is a social media activist and creator of Meeting of the Minds. Follow him on Instagram @StandUp911 for a regular dose of truth, consciousness, and inspiration and go to and for more information about the global Meeting of the Minds movement. 

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Dr Bruce Damer is a modern-day luminary and master of liminality. He has worked as a consultant for NASA, and is a featured speaker at both Palenque Norte and Esalen. He is also the host of the Levity Zone podcast.

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Dennis Mckenna

Dennis Mckenna is an ethnobotanist and founding member of the Heffter Research Institute. His most recent book, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss, is a personal account of life with his brother Terrence and their famed experiment at La Chorrera.

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Diana Reed Slattery is leading cartographer of the ocean that is human consciousness. She is the author of Xenolinguistics: Psychedelics, Language, and the Evolution of Consciousness and The Maze Game.

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Tom Shroder

Tom Shroder is a journalist, Pulitzer prize winning editor, and the author of Acid Test: LSD, Ecstacy, and the Power to Heal. Tom explains the process of MDMA assisted psychotherapy along with the history of MDMA's rise from party drug to a harbinger of hope.

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Hamilton Morris

Hamilton Morris (@hamiltonmorris) is a producer and reporter for Vice, a writer for Harper's Magazine, and a perpetually curious self-experimenting chemist. We discuss journalistic responsibility during this psychedelic renaissance and the vestiges of drug tourism in Mexico.

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Lorenzo Hagerty is the host of the Psychedelic Salon podcast and author of Genesis Generation. We sit down with Lorenzo to discuss the world of entheogens and the current state of psychopharmacology. Go to and for more information. 

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Eddie Hector is a ametuer blacksmith, American Revolutionary War reenactor, and paintball enthusaist. We sit down to discuss Passion and why its so important to creativity and the human race.

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Loveless is an artist, world traveller, and all-around Jedi that is currently living and creating in Thailand. 

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Nicolas Blackston (@LokiLee33) is a USMC Veteran and visual artist who is the subject of the book Acid Test by Tom Shroder(@tomshroder). Nicolas suffered from severe PTSD before recieving MDMA assisted psychotherapy. His entire story can be found here:

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Greg Carlwood (@highersidechats) is the creator and host of the most popular and award winning conspiracy and paranormal podcast called The Higherside Chats. Go to

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Horizons is a conference held every year in NYC where scientists, journalists, and enthusiasts alike come together to discuss the current state of psychedelic research. On this episode, we give our analysis, opinions, and insight about the weekend.

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Aaron Magnifico is the VIP Marketing Host at Revel's HQ Nightclub in Atlantic City. In the wake of the recent closures, Aaron joins us to discuss the state of affaris in AC and talks about the rockstar lifestyle.

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This weekend, we're closing out our summer with a great festival, Catskill Chill. Located at Camp Minglewood in Hancock, NY, this small and intimate festival knows how to groove. We talk about everything you need to know about camping, stage set-up, and bands. Find the Tink Tink Club camp for some free stuff! 

Check out Episode #9 Ain't Wasting Time for a what to bring list of goodies and fun

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Summer is almost over and its time to prepare your beds for the autumn! On this episode, Ty Triplett returns for more tips and information about fall vegetables. 

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Television has become the most prevading means of entertainment in our society. On this episode of the TTC, we discuss the pros and cons of TV, how it has evolved as a media outlet, and its affect on the world at large.

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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all podcasts are created equal. On our special 4th of July episode, we sit down with Jeff Bourlier and discuss the history of the United States. We also talk about different aspects of the American school system. 

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Let's Talk About Sex! Everyone does it, most people love it, and its always on everyones mind. On this episode, we talk about sex, gender roles, and what it means to have a real relationship with another human being. Welcome special guest Nicole.

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Psychedelics are the tools that the universe has given us as a means of cosmic communication. On this episode, we explore and discuss all psychedelic drugs and the ways in which they can and do make society a better place. 

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On this episode of the Tink Tink Club, we discuss how to properly prepare for a music festival. Everything you need to know to get the most out of your weekend, from food to comfort. We also talk about Mysteryland and give a little insight about the difference in festival styles.

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Rebel Eye Co. is a clothing and lifestyle company founded by Chris Nguyen and Michael Ferguson. On this episode, we interview these two entrepreneurs about their beginings and their aspirations. Visit and check it out!

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If you ever wanted to learn how to grow your own garden, then this is the place to start. On part one of this series of the Tink Tink Club, we talk with Ty Triplett and learn all about the essentials of beginning a new personal garden.

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This week on the Tink Tink Club we talk about camping; everything from preparation to how to stay safe while in the woods. Happy Camping!

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Welcome to Earth Day! On this short episode of the Tink Tink Club, we explore the dichotomy between current upward technology trends and trying to live off the grid.

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